HCG  for weight loss, should only be administered by taking a daily injection of a very low dose of the hormone.

Recent clinical trials conducted in the United States  by  leading hCG weight loss physician and researcher, Dr.Sherri Emma have revealed that when the hCG hormone is given in drop form under the tongue, it cannot be absorbed by the body. When subjects were tested after administration of the oral form, no hCG was detected in the blood. Dr.Emma also found that persons who were placed on a very low calorie diet without the protection of injectable hCG lost significant amounts of weight , but  much of this was due to loss of lean muscle mass. Under normal circumstances, when the human body is subjected to a very low calorie diet, both fat as well as muscle will be  broken down to provide the body with the energy it requires This usually occurs in a 50: 50 ratio. Patients who received injectable hCG lost predominantly fat. This reinforces the theory that the hormone prevents the body from breaking down muscle during periods of perceived starvation.

Likewise, homeopathic hCG drops which are sold in retail stores and over the internet are also potentially harmful because they usually do not contain any detectable muscle sparing hormone.

In conclusion, if patients are subjected to a very low calorie diet without the hCG hormone to protect muscle, it will result in loss of important lean muscle tissue. Whilst persons still experience dramatic weight loss, they do so only because of the low calorie diet.If an individual loses muscle ,it significantly  decreases the bodies metabolic rate or ability to burn calories. This is why persons who use drops tend to regain the lost weight as well as additional pounds in a very short period of time after completion the diet.

The US FDA has recently banned the sale of homeopathic hCG drops


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