The first report on hCG and obesity was published in 1954 in the medical journal THE LANCET, by a British Endocrinologist named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. This doctor had been working with obese Indian boys who suffered from a rare medical condition (Froehlich’s Syndrome). Simeons noted that while being treated with small doses of HCG, the boys lost a tremendous amount of weight and their bodies reshaped to normal. They also lost their ravenous appetites and were able to tolerate diets very low in calories.

These findings led Dr. Simeons to investigate whether HCG could be used to stimulate breakdown of fat reserves in any obese individual. He went on to run a weight loss practice in Rome where he successfully treated thousands of patients.

Simeons reported that almost all of his patients lost between a half to one pound per day on his protocol.

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