I am 52 and very fortunate to be blessed with excellent health. Experiencing this good health throughout my life, I took it for granted. I was living a lifestyle of socializing, where joining a sports club becomes a place where friends gather to socialize and not to take part in some type of sport. One year ago it hit me, I felt short of breath and could not do things I easily could .Then I realized I was 100 lbs. over weight.

I started looking at ways to lose this 100 lbs. Only to become very disappointed and frustrated, starting a program lose 10 lbs, then gaining it back shortly after. Six months ago, I was introduced to Dr. Rose –Johnson who recommended that I should start the HCG Diet program. So far, this program has helped me lose over 80 pounds -in this short period ,without gaining back any weight ! It also taught me how to eat properly and to look after my body. I realized that exercise must become part of my life if I want to enjoy my life while growing old. I found it easy to do, and knowing that Dr. Rose-Johnson keeps a tight control over me while on the program ,makes it very safe.

This program gave me a chance to realize I was doing wrong to my body and fix it before some permanent damage occurred, it is a must for anyone who wants to lose weight and live healthy.

Y.S Age 52 , Weight lost 80 pounds

I must admit I was extremely sceptical when I first heard about this diet. I decided to give it a try because I had done everything and had never been able to lose the extra pounds I put on after 3 pregnancies.

I felt really comfortable, because I was sent to do blood tests and I also had to do a medical examination before being allowed to start the 6 week program. I could not believe my eyes as I saw the pounds literally melting away – every day! I never felt hungry, I was full of energy and Dr.Rose-Johnson and her staff were available every step of the way to answer questions and encourage me. I was able to lose 17 pounds and have kept it off.

L.M Age 37 Weight lost -17 pounds

I am a 77 year old lady. I’ve had diabetes and hypertension for over 30 years. I am so grateful to Dr.Rose-Johnson who guided me through the hCG weight loss program .I lost 27 pounds and have continued to lose even after the program because of the lessons I learned about eating right, calorie and portion control and exercise. My doctor has been able to decrease the dosages of my medications and I feel great!

I would recommend this program to anyone who is having difficulty with weight loss.

G.W Age 77, Weight lost- 27 pounds

I am a 49 year old male who was desperate to lose weight. My cardiologist warned me that I was in the pre- diabetic stage, my blood pressure was high and my cholesterol was also elevated. With a strong family history of heart disease, I really got scared!

I tried for about a year to lose the weight but was unsuccessful. Then I decided to give this program a try. I am amazed at what happened. I was able to decrease my percentage body fat and lost 29 pounds over the six week period .My pant size moved from a 40 waist to a 34. All of my health concerns have disappeared and I am now a healthier, fitter person. I also learned how to eat correctly by making wiser choices and I’m finally enjoying exercise because I can now see the fruits of my labour!

N.B Age 49 Weight lost -29 pounds.

I weighed 287 pounds when I began the program. I am diabetic and have had an underactive thyroid for the past 20 years and as such, have had great difficulty losing weight .In addition to that, I also suffer from severe arthritis and will need to have knee replacement surgery .I was told to lose weight before doing the procedure and I had been trying to do that for 2 years with no success. I did this program for 6 weeks and lost 32 pounds! My joint pains have improved so I can now exercise, my diabetes is better controlled and I am not even using my cane anymore!

S.L Age 56 Weight lost- 32 pounds.

Dear Doctor Liz, 

Here are a couple of before and after photos of me.

The first is of me in Trinidad last August , 2010 weighing 207 pounds. The other was taken this June 2011, at Kleinfeld’s in New York saying” Yes to the Dress “ at 160 pounds!
The photos would never have been possible without your help!
I still hope to lose some more weight before my big day this November.

Thanks again.

M.J Age 46 Weight lost – 47 pounds

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